Friday, September 07, 2007

Good News And Bad

The Good: Tomorrow I'm going out with Moet again! And this time I have some $_$ on me :) I'm looking forward to spending more time with them all because they're my best friends since like 4ever! God Bless them all!

The Bad: After hearing about TS happening sometime next week on the news everything went down the hill and straight to Satan's ass. The fucking ass weather man wound me up and then I started having some other problems too. Like hearing things that weren't there or that my mom didn't here.

So I started with yet another episode when things got to much to take and I just lost it. It lasted along time and even right now I'm not feeling too good because of it. I have the whole thing on my LJ but I set it to private so no one on there can read it but me.

But for the sake of it I'll post it here:

Warning! The Following Contains naughty language.....


Sounds like a happy Yay doesn't it? Well you would've gotten part of it right. It is a happy yay because tomorrow I'm going out again with Moet! W00T! And then the rest of my afternoon goes bye bye with the usual. And what started the whole thing was the FUCKING NO GOOD MOTHER FUCKING ASS WIPE WEATHER MEN THAT NEEDS TO GO FUCK HIS OWN CAT!

And the rest is simple!

* Mentioned TS for next week ( got me worked up )*
*Made the rest of the afternoon into the night hell because of it.

TS didn't happened but the mother fucking dick got me so worked up I started hearing things and thinking it was TS you know if I ever see this particular weather man in person he's going on my death list. Kicking people's asses who deserve it for making my life hell is sooooooooo much fun.

I'm killing my self. Simple as that. Then I'll FINALLY be in peace. Any way at least I know I've got tomorrow to look forward too but for some reason thinking about it isn't helping me right now.

Fuck you what ever your name is ( weather man I saw today on the news ). εĭз

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