Saturday, September 30, 2006

Spoke To Didi Again!

Today my friend from school ( AMAC ) called today! It was good to hear from her again. It's been a long time since I last spoke to her, so I'm glad I got to talk to her. Besides that nothing interesting happened.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

More Miracles

I love God! More miracles happened today! Firstly as you know my tutor came today and we did a little "art project". It was alot of fun. We also did work too ( Why?! WHY?! :D ). And now for the miracles! I found out who sings that song I like! And there's an English and French version too ( All sung by the same person )! And the second one is when I went to through the garbage away. I saw a moth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! It was HUGE! and it was very cute! I caught it and kept it for a while and let him/her go on the balcony. I took pictures of it before I let it go. I showed my mom too! She said it was very pretty ( which it was! )! Thank you God for all the wonderful gifts today! *Blows hugs and kisses up to heaven*

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Another Eventful Day

Didn't I post something like this before? Any way Dolores came today too see what me and my tutor and I are working on. She came right before the end of the lesson. So she got an idea of what we were working on. Besides that nothing interesting happened.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Elmo Is Evil

You know the cute fuzzy monster from Sesame Street named Elmo? Let me tell you something. He's evil! Just a few minutes my mom told me about an article in the news paper about a bunch of stupid parents having a rampage trying to get the new version of Tickle Me Elmo. One man claimed to have a gun! Another said that he was going to stab another person if he didn't give him his precious Elmo.

If you ask me Elmo is now in league with Satin. So far he has manipulated the brains of many parents and their children. My mom even fell under his spell! But thank the lord she broke it. If you ask me Elmo is going to take over the world if people don't stop doing his "every command". While you're at it why don't elect Elmo as president of the USA?

Let Elmo steal your brains and put them under his control!

And then before you know it Elmo will have warning tags on him saying:

Warning: Elmo is dangerous. He will take over your brain with his cuteness and his adorable laugh. He will create chaos every where he goes. He will make parents want him like never before. He will cause death and destruction in your family. Buy at your own risk.

So, you see Elmo is evil.

He will join Al-Qaeda and help them lead world domination......

Elmo is Evil! Elmo will kill YOU!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Assassin Spiders

"Ok, what the hell is this?" That's the first thing you would ask if some one walked up to you with a picture of this thing right? Right. So now I'm going to tell you it is. This weird looking thing is called a Assassin Spider. A what!? you might say, this is a spider. Shocked aren't you? I was too when I found out about them yesterday. Remember the bugnation forum I told you about not too long ago? That's where I heard about them. Then I did a Google search on them and I found some pretty cool stuff on them. Not much though because they're 9 newly discovered species in Madagascar and they have to find out more about them. These are the weirdest looking spiders I've ever seen! And I've seen quite a few weird looking ones both in person and in pictures.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Boy alot of these happened in the past few days and including today! Here's a list of them:


* I found the song "No Fallaras" I've looking for the video or the song for years ever since I saw the official video for the song on some Spanish music video TV station. And it's been years since I heard it and I found it. The song is playing in the background of a video one of the users on YouTube sent in. I commented on the bottom of the page.
Here's the link:

Today the tutor came with the supervisor who's Chinese and she taught me words in Chinese. There's more but I thought I'd tell you one at a time. Let me know what you think of the song. Do you know who sings it? If you do please tell me. Thank You!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Interesting Day

Well as I told you before my tutor is coming 5 days a week so I really don't need to say "Today my tutor came and we did blah blah blah". do we now? How ever we did do something I really enjoyed. I made a "cell" with all the major parts of it out of different colored clay! I loved it alot. And yes he did give me home work but just like last time it isn't alot and it's very easy. So that's what happened today.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Really Cool Website!

2 days ago I found a really cool forum about insects and spiders! It's called BugNation! So that makes 3 insect forums I'm in! I did my home work today too. The tutor is coming again tomorrow. He told me and my mom it's going to be like "regular school". He's going to come ( if nothing comes up ) 5 days a week! Can't I have a break in between? Having only 2 days off to sleep as long as I want really isn't enough for me because I'm a sleeper! That's another one of my passions!

I just woke up again from another nap! So you see? That's what my life right now at the moment is like. And now you add 5 days a week of home schooling to it. Not really that exciting. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but eventually the "thrill" of it will wear off. Knowing that is just so fucking depressing.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Tutor Came Again

Today I had my first full session with the tutor. It was very interesting. I learned alot of things that I didn't know. He gave me home work too. It's not alot ( thank the lord ). Besides that nothing else really happened. So that's all for now. Even though it's only 3:50pm right now I still have a good chance of more interesting things happening. So for now good afternoon.

If anything else happens I'll update this entry. Until then.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Today the tutor stopped by and he and my mom talked. I was sleeping in at the time. I needed a day off to get some extra sleep. Yesterday totally wore us out. It was good to get extra sleep. Yesterday my mom got some extra folding chairs for "school" and they came earlier today. Tomorrow the tutor is coming again. If I'm correct that's when the work gets started. I'm looking forward to it.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Went To The Clinic And The Drug Store Today!

Today was eventful. I went to the clinic to get my shot to stop my you-know-what for 3 wonderful months. Then on the way home we went to the drug store to buy "school" supplies. I also bought a few extra things for myself:

For "School":

1 3 ringed binder

1 pack of loose leaf paper

For Me!:

1 pack of blue gel pens

1 pack of playing cards ( yes they sell them in the drug store. )

1 bottle of sprite soda

Also I got a red fuzzy wuzzy bug from the clinic to add to my enormous collection! YAY! :D WAPO GIPO MIMIMI!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


OMFG! The best thing happened to me today! As I told you before a tutor was coming today and he came today, and he likes bugs! We were talking about them for almost the whole session! Thank the lord! Tomorrow my mom and I are going to the clinic and then coming home we're stopping by the drug store to get some school supplies. Can't wait for tomorrow! I hope everything goes well tomorrow. Until then.

Monday, September 11, 2006

WOW More Events!

What the fuck is going on? All this time my life has been nothing but boring shit and then all of sudden all of these things are happening at once! I could list about 3 right now! And I'll think I'll do so:

1. We didn't go to the clinic because today is 09-11-06, the anniversary of the attack on the World Trade Center. My mom told me that alot of things will be going on and we wouldn't be able to go because of it.

2. Some one from the home instruction unit is coming tomorrow! So we have to go to the clinic the day after tomorrow.

3. Today is the anniversary of 9-11! That's still an event even if it has nothing to do with me!

So, that's what going to happen. Any way I'm glad about it all because it's all good things for a change. If any thing else happens today that's eventful I'll update this post. *Crosses Fingers*

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Disturbed People

Have you ever been "stalked" online by people you've "met" on some online community? I have, and he won't leave me alone. If you've read some of the comments on some of the post you'll see some one nick named "Nobody" saying things like "You're a freak." and stuff like that. I wish he would stop and leave me alone. Before he found out about my blog he used to send me emails daily regarding a subject and wouldn't stop. So I had to "report" him. Then some how he found out about my blogs here and started posting some really mean things. Some of them were so bad I had to delete them.

You also may have seen some other comments from a person nick named "Berek" he found out about the blog too and started posting here about the subject. He eventually stopped for which I'm grateful for, but when will "Nobody" stop? When will he learn to leave me alone and stop being such an ass hole bitch?! Don't really know but I hope he stops soon, because if he doesn't I'd hate to see what will happen to him..... In my opinion he's the deeply disturbed one not me!

P.S I just found out a few minutes ago that I'm going to the clinic tomorrow for the shot that I told you about that stops my periods for 3 months! :) I'm happy about that, and no it doesn't hurt that much!

Friday, September 08, 2006

The Arch Nemesis List # 2!!!!!!!!!

Well as I promised here is the second Arch Nemesis List! YAY! Well let's start with Satin's Angels that I met from camp shall we?

Camp 2006:

Judine: She made it on to the list at the start of camp! When I first saw her I never really liked her though. It was just something about her that I hated. And then I found out why. I had so many conflicts with her that in almost all of them I wanted to kill my self. Take this one for example: I had a problem with one of my OCD things and I was trying to explain it to her, and during my explanation I had said " I know you think I'm crazy..." then she interrupted me by saying "Hell yeah!" I got up and went outside trying to find something out there to kill my self. And then later on I found out it was a joke! I told her not to joke with me like that. So it's because of that and many other things that she made it on to the list.

Erin: Oooooooooooooh that son of a bitch! She made on to the list this year. Although I never liked her, she made it on the list because she crossed the line this year. It happened during a TS and I was in the program office bathroom because it had no windows. It was a really bad one and I had threw a glass measuring cup that they had in there, ( they shouldn't even have those things in a campers reach ) and it broke. That's when Erin came to the door ( I knew she was going to come, so I had put my feet on the door pushing it in with all my weight so she couldn't get the door open ), saying "Open the door Brittanie." I was, as I told you holding the door shut. I told her "Go away you fucking bitch!" And she continued to push. I think she went and got help from Jenny and some one else because she eventually got the door open. It got worse from there because they had to drag me out of the bathroom and take me outside and put me in B3 ( that's an unused bunk they use for a "time out room" ). Jenny helped so she made on the list too.

Jenny: She made it on the list because she helped Erin during that time, and she was also not understanding me. If you ask me she didn't want to understand me. So that's why she's on here.

The Loony Bin 2006:

Jojo: And no I don't mean the singer! :) She was one of the patients. She made the list when she found out that clucking and popping gum bothers me. That's when she did it non stop. I asked her to stop very nicely loads of times and all she would say was "No. I can do what ever I like." or "It's my mouth I can do what ever I like with it." She also would call me crazy loads of times too.

Jonathin: He is one of the most stupidest boys I've ever met. He too made it on the list for doing the same thing as Jojo, although he didn't say "It's my mouth I can do what ever I like with it." And he's ugly!

Christina: She made it on the list too for the same thing. Also including that she was very mean to me as well.

Amberea: Man she's ugly! She made it on the list for bothering me and treating me like I was some kind of illness. Every time I would talk to her about something she would move away from me and act like I was a giant malaria carrying mosquito. And she got me banned from Art because she started clucking and I flipped out throwing things.

Sue: She's one of the staff that worked there. She made it on the list because she was in my opinion mean to me, she didn't want to understand my problems or anything.

Samantha: She is another one of the staff that worked there. She made it on the list because for one thing she was very strict and I don't like strict people because they really don't understand me and they don't want to understand me. She made it on the list because she was involved in one of my many incidents that I had there and she was really really mean to me.

Pam: When I first met her I liked her but when the other kids there started bothering me and making my OCD worse I starting having alot more incidents at night and she was involved in most of them and in one of them she was really mean and that's how she made on the list.

Mike: That son of a fucking bitch! When I first met him I was a little uncertain with him. And it was a good thing that I was, because I started having alot more incidents at night and he started to get involved and he was being really insensitive just like Ms. Nakashima. So that's why he's on here.

You all go to hell bitches and hoes! I hope you suffer all damnition and let Satin's angels shove pineapples up your ass! Burn in hell!

P.S At 9:oopm I saw a asian lady bug beetle ( Harmonia Axyridis ) crawling on the wall in my mom's room! I let it go just a few minutes ago.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Went Out With Kerry!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today was AWESOME! I just came back from going out with Kerry and it was awesome! We went to buy cd's and we also went to Central park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I saw so many insects! Here's a list of them:

2 Hover flies ( 2 different species )
2 cabbage whites
1 house fly
a bunch of flies or wasp near the lake.
1 orb weaver spider in it's web
a bunch of small flying insects
Also I bought 3 cd's! And I love today! Thank you god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Got My Hair Done!

Today Irene came and she did my hair for tomorrow. Kerry is coming tomorrow! I can't wait to see her. Besides getting my hair done nothing else happened. My mom talked to Kerry this morning while I was sleeping. It wasn't that early though. It was like 8:00am or a little later. Any way just thought you should know. Irene also gave me a butterfly "booklet" from when she went to the Bronx zoo butterfly garden 2 weeks ago. I love it there! I went there more times then you could count! Any way until tomorrow! :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More wonderful Events!

Wow! This is something else. Yesterday I heard from Martine!!!!!!!!!!!!! She was one of my counselors at camp. It was good to hear from her again. And my mom told me that Kerry is going to call sometime today! I'm looking forward to that too. She also told me that she's coming on Thursday. So I was wrong about what day she was coming, but who cares?! I'm going out with her for the day! Whoooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooooooo! :)

Monday, September 04, 2006

Diary Entry: 07-25-06

Well as I said in my 100th post that my diary entries have "returned" here is another one:

Dear Diary,

Today was awesome! I saw another Monarch and a Tiger swallowtail. We had sports for evening activity. It was fun. I also saw the following ( insects ):

Loads of Cabbage whites
1 Monarch
1 chafer beetle
3 Japanese beetles
2 Snout moths
1 Cool looking jumping spider ( I took a picture of it crawling on my hand. )
1 spiny backed spider
2 millipedes
1 tussock moth
1 Tiger Swallowtail
2 Clouded sulphur butterflies
We also had academics I played with blocks and see through marbles. I also made 2 bug ID charts with stickers. Some time ago last night we ( the whole bunk except one camper ) made up with Judine ( the counselor I told you about yesterday ). See my 100th post for more details. We also had a blast attacking the British in the pool. Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Note: Judine still continued being mean with me even after the whole bunk made up with her. The reason we had to make up was because yesterday I said "You're worst counselor ever!" which is true! So that led to her acting like the "victim" saying things like "Oh, it's okay I know you're sorry." in a sarcastic and dramatic voice after I told her I was sorry about what I said. But that didn't stop it until tomorrow night. After that she started "talking normally" again. But sadly she didn't stop being mean to me.

So after that you'd think I wouldn't add her to the second Arch Nemesis List but you're dead wrong if you thought that!

And now as alot of people know the legend of Australia the croc hunter has left us doing what he loved. He will be missed dearly. I loved him and I will never forget him saying "Crikey! That's a beaut!" I watched Animal planet and every other show he was on every chance I got and I loved them. Australia and all the wildlife programs will never be the same. He made me laugh....he was a sweet and funny person.....I, like him love animals, especially insects and their kin.....My heart goes out to his family and friends......Steve you will live for ever dude! Whooooo hooooooooo! R.I.P

Sunday, September 03, 2006

2 Events

Well supposedly 2 events are supposed to happen this week. On Tuesday some "inspectors" are coming to look at ( mostly electrical things ) how well my house looks and to see if every thing is working ok. Then after that I think that will be on a Wednesday Kerry is coming to take me out again! YAY! When ever it is I'm looking forward to it. Oh and today was the first day of sunshine! YAY! Let's see anything else happened today? Nope. Ok goodbye! :P

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lovely Weather ( and yes I'm being sarcastic )!

Well if it rains any more I'm going to scream! The weather thanks to Ernesto ( and who fucking cares if I spelled your name wrong ) is horrible! Nothing but rain and wind. So that's what I have to say. Good Bye!

Yeah, that's right when it's been doing nothing but raining I get fucking cranky. Go back to hell Ernesto!

Friday, September 01, 2006

Dolores Came!

Well, hallelujah! Dolores finally came! She came late though. But at least she came. She talked with my mom for a good while. I wasn't in the room for most of the time because I was in the kitchen eating cheese. I love cheese! :) Dolores also told me and my mom right before she left that she's going to come before or after the end of this month. So let's all cross our fingers, ( *Crosses fingers* ) and hope that she does come. I also got another pen from my mommy! Wonder what tomorrow will be like? My mom's going food shopping tomorrow if it doesn't rain. *Crosses fingers again*