Monday, January 30, 2006

New Periods

Today was good. The only different thing that I found out was that we have a new schedule. We used to have music but now we don't. Instead we have Art and Auto Cad. I like the change. Ms. Nakashima was out today. I hope she will be back tomorrow so I can tell her about my wonderful weekend with Kerrry.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A wonderful day with Kerry

Today was awesome! This is what I did on my second day at Kerry's:

9:46 am

I just woke up and had breakfast and then we're going out to Barns and Nobles. I hope I get everything that I want. Then after we are going to the book store then I'm going to Circuit City to buy CD's

10:00 am

We just came back from the book store and this is what I got:

A Pocket guide to insects
Bugs The worlds most terrifying insects

Then we went to circuit City the most shocking thing happened! I had asked the desk clerk if they had any copies of Jennifer Pena Seduccion and they said there were all sold out. I was really upset. Then the lady told me to look in the Latin section to find a Selena CD. ( I had used this as a back up incase they didn't have what I wanted.) So I looked for a Selena CD and then Kerry picked up a CD and asked me who was the artist and you'll never believe what it was Jennifer Pena Seduccion!!!! I was soooooo happy. I know 1000,000% sure that was the hand of God. Then we went out for pizza and then I went home. On the way home I saw another work of God. I saw a taxi and it said SBV269!!!! I love today and thank you God!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

I'm at Kerry's right now!!!

I've just arrived at Kerry's house and her two very cute nieces just came to spend the night with me. I'm looking forward to tomorrow because I'm going shopping with Kerry. I'm using her laptop to update my blog right now. It's a very nice one too. I hope someday really soon I'll get a laptop. I really like them alot. You can carry them anywhere. Kerry is making pasta for dinner and I love pasta. Well when anything else happens I'll update this post to blog. In the mean time I'll enjoy my pasta.
We just finished dinner and played a game of crazy eights. I won the first round. I can't wait for tomorrow when I get to go shopping with her. I have $45.00 with me. I also got to chase Kerry's nieces around her house that was really fun. I'll think I'll do it again before I go to bed.....
Kids are really fun. I would love to do that every day. When ever I get the chance I would do it. I love chasing games. I don't know why but I just do. Any way I'll update this post again before I go to bed.

I'm getting ready to go to bed and I can't wait for tomorrow so I can go to the book store tomorrow and buy so many books and hopefully CD's too. I'm very happy today. I also ate alot of doritos that Kerry bought for the sleep over with her nieces. It was really fun. I hope that I find everything that I want and anything else that I find. God bless this day and tomorrow.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Getting ready for tomorrow

Today I got my hair done by Irene a friend of my mom's. I can't wait for tomorrow! Nothing interesting happened today but the thought of going to sleep at Kerry's is very exciting to think about. The only thing I'm worried about is if I'll get any sleep tonight! Hopefully I will.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Going to have a Sleep over with Kerry!

Today when I came home from school I got a call from Kerry! She talked with my mom and I found out that her nieces were coming to stay with her on Friday into Saturday. I had asked her if I could come and she talked to my mom about it and she said yes!!! :) I can't wait to see her again!

Friday, January 20, 2006

Chaotic Afternoon

Today the first part of my day in school went normal and it was just like the usual. As the afternoon approaches it gets bad. I was coming back from lunch and as I walking down the hall way and then Harvey starts clucking again while he's running down the hall way looking like an idiot. I was telling him to stop very nicely. I wasn't yelling at him at all. I don't even start with them they start with me I just really wish they'll leave me alone and every thing will be fine. So as I was saying I told him to stop. Desirea was coming and I told her that Harvey was clucking and she said that she will write him up. I told her that I didn't want to go into the classroom just yet because he will start with me again. She said '' You have to go into the classroom.'' I told her " I don't want to because he'll start with me again and you know he will.'' Sure enough he did. But before this happened another problem aroused it's self just before entering the classroom. Harvey had stopped clucking when we were in the hall way of the classroom. Charles had came and walked past me and he clucked. ( By then I lost it completely because of Harvey clucking and I was yelling at Desirea because she had said somethings that I didn't like and they hurt me.) When Charles had walked pass me and clucked I had went over board I accidentally hit him when I was yelling at him to stop. ( I was so upset I was hitting the wall.) I had hit him by accident. He turned around and I could tell by the look in his eyes he wanted to hit me back. Thank God he didn't. Instead he punched a little hole in the wall and told me "That would've been my face." I was scared at the moment that he would turn around and hit me. But thank God he didn't. Now Desirea had written me up and I was shocked too. When I had went into the classroom Harvey had started with me again I asked him to stop but he didn't and I had already was really upset I just flipped out and knocked over two desk and two chairs. I was then taken into the crises room with Desirea and she had the papers that had the events before this happened. It was what Harvey did to me, and a couple of other assholes too. So then she started to write me up and I of course was really upset and I didn't care what happened. What I really wanted was revenge, sweet revenge. But I never got it. I was in there of over an hour that's for certain. After like 15mins I wanted to talk to my mother and tell her what had happened with in the last few minutes. So I told what happened and what they did to me and then she talked to Desirea about me not purposely hitting Charles. She agreed with her that I can't ignore the noise and it makes me go crazy. So I was in there for quite a while and then after I came out of the crises room I had a normal rest of the afternoon. I really hope something like this never happens again.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

ELA Test

Today we had testing on ELA (English Language Arts test.) It went well. I don't know my score though. I have one more part of the test to do tomorrow and then I'm done with the test! Besides that the day was normal. The test goes on for 2 days. (At least for me and my class.) We go into different rooms and we have the test with other kids from different classes. Last Friday I got a 100% on my spelling test again!! :) I've had a test like this before so this one is my second one. I wasn't nervous at all to tell you the truth. We went over what the would be like in class with the teacher. So I guess that's part of the reason why I wasn't nervous. Because I knew what was coming and I was prepared for it. I only get nervous on math test. I not that good in math. In fact I hate it! I just like looking at the equations not solving them. I hope tomorrow will be a good for me at school.

Thursday, January 12, 2006


Today was full of chaos! It was pretty much the same thing with the ass holes. The only thing that went completely over the line was one of the assholes in my class named Harvey was walking up and down the classroom hallway clucking and I shouted to him to stop, ( of course he didn't.) and then he has the nerve to press his ugly face in the door window and started to cluck again. Then Charles who was in the classroom also started to cluck and bother me. Desirae asked me if I wanted to go out side of the classroom and take a walk. I told her that Harvey is out there and he might follow me and you to where ever we will be going clucking. But I told her yes. Right as we came out of the classroom Harvey was out side and as soon as he saw me he started to cluck again and I was all ready over my top. ( The assholes in my classroom had wound me up so much that I didn't know if I was coming or going.) I chased him down the hallway and into the parking lot out side the school. I wanted to kick his ass so badly he and his little assholes friends had out me through too much shit today and I wanted revenge. So me and Harvey were out in the parking lot running around. I was trying to kick his ass when I caught up with him. I was really mad and wanted to get him so badly. Desirea had also caught up with me at that time too when I was running between the gaps of the parked cars. She told me that I was going to be in trouble and I at that point didn't care I was so mad. She talked to me and then we made our way back into the school. Our classroom is at the end of the hallway and the door to the parking lot is also there, so that's how I got to the parking lot in the first place. The morning was good and it was like the usual school morning. The whole thing had started in music class and went down hill from there. I hope that tomorrow it will be a much better day then today was.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Action #2!

What do you do when your day at school sucks? Well it depends on what the day was like. And for me it was a piece of shit! The day had some bits of yesterday in it too. It all begins when I come in the morning and start the day out ''normal'' like any other day un aware of what was about to happen during lunch dentention. The morning started out like any other morning and it was pretty good. But towards the afternoon the things started to decline and by lunch time it had really gone down the drain. I had to serve a fucking lunch detention for what I did yesterday. When I got there things really went bad. This kid who I really hate was in there today. During the time I was in there with the rest of the ass holes they started clucking again and I told them to stop and they didn't and no one in there told them to stop they told me to stop screaming! How dare they?! These assholes had started with me! So I couldn't take it any more I just blew up and they told me to get out and that's where things got bad. I had nothing to say to the staff to make them tell these assholes to stop bothering me and to be quite. And then Charles has the the nerve to say ''This is lunch detention we could do what ever we want!'' Hello this is suppose to be a punishment not a treat! And they really do let them do want they want to a certain extent. Which really it should be quite environment and nothing going on in the room. But no it wasn't lie that it was like a zoo! Screaming and all the stuff you could imagine. In case your wondering why this bothers me this is what it feels like:

When certain assholes like Charles and his little asshole friends bother me with noises that they know get me upset I get really really upset and I feel so angry and what makes it worse is that it gives such a head ache! Then there's this ringing in my ears plus the pain.... It's too much to bare. That's also why I can't ignore that certain noise and it drives me up the wall like I said before. To me when I hear it it's like nails on a chalk board and then you can add all the screaming coming from me and the pain from the head ache and the ringing and the anger and the you put them together and that's what it feels like. It's hell. What happened today was bloody hell.
So now you know what this does to me and I wish that these assholes knew what it was like and then they'll stop. So many things happened today that was just so over whelming I couldn't shake it off Also in the detention room the kid I was telling you about was the worse of all I got so mad at him I wanted to throw a chair at that bitch! I just hope that tomorrow will be a better day, that is if I even go tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today was full of action at school. Both good and bad things happened today. First the good news Ms. Nakashima my teacher gave me a vase with more glass beads! Now that made me very happy. The morning went good like the usual and then towards the afternoon it started to go down. Charles was in today and he started to bother me again with the noises him and his friends make to bother me. So they started to bother me and I asked very nicely to stop, but he didn't. At this time my para had gone to the bathroom or some place else I don't know but any way they kept on and the teacher was out too at the time to do something. The only adult in the class room was Mr. Gardner, he's a para for one of the other kids that is in my class. How ever I would have thought he would tell them to stop and leave me alone but no he didn't he just stood there laughing! I was shocked I thought he would at least tell them to be quite or something but he didn't do anything! So after a while I couldn't take and I flipped out and I pushed my desk on the floor in madness and with my head hurting too! Like I said before I don't know the noises they make bother me but they do and they give me really bad head aches! I don't why they just do. So any was by this time Desirea (My para.) had come back from where ever she was and had herd the news from Mr. Gardner on what had happened during the time they were gone. (By this time Ms Nakashima had come back too to hear the news.) And get this instead of the boys getting punished I get a lunch detention! Now that's not right when they had started the whole thing in the first place! Other then that I had an ok morning and the rest of the afternoon was ok. When I got home I told my mom what happened and she called the principle and told him what happened with me and the boys. Then he told me that tomorrow he would get Charles for what he did! YAY! Now that makes me very happy.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back To School

Today was great! I'm in the same class as I was last year. Ms. Evens gave the class gifts today! She gave me glass beads!! I love them They came in the colors: Blue, Yellow, and Green. Charles was absent today. Wonder where he was.... Any whoo I'm glad that today was a good day for me. I also got a sweat shirt. The school gave them out. Today was very laid back for me as well. I'm very happy about how the day went. We also had to come home early because it started to snow hard. I called my mom to tell her about it. The bus ride home was a little hectic but it wasn't bad. I'm very happy today!

Sunday, January 01, 2006

The New Year!

Today was a very nice first day of the new year for me. I still can't believe that the year 2005 is over! I got my hair done for school on Tuesday. I like it alot I think it looks cute. I hope that this year will be a good one for me and that all my wishes come true. I hope that I make alot of new friends at camp like I did this year. (I know I will.) I also hope that the year will be a good one for my mom. I love her so much! Last night I watched the ball drop with my mom, and I got to stay up past midnight! What a night to welcome in the new year! As for the first day of the new year it was very nice and peaceful. My mom also told me that school starts on Tuesday. I hope the school year will go well for me! I also hope that I'm in the same class as I was in 2005. ( The class I was in for the last days of school before the holidays.) I also hope that the kids in my class will not bother me this year and ever again because last year it was bad what they did to me and alot of the times it wasn't even my fault, that they started with me. But any way I really don't have to worry about that now that I have a very good principle in my corner. And thank God that I do!! He likes my mom alot. I told her watch out because he really likes her! But my mom knows that and she told him that's not the kind of relationship she wants to have with him. But I still like to tease her about it every now and then. Any way I guess this is all I could think of for now. Happy New Year!!