Friday, August 31, 2007

♥My New Therapist Is A God Send!♥

It was amazing! Eileen went with us too. So that also made my day because I got to see Moet and her brother again for a bit when I was outside my house singing with happiness because of all the amazing things that happened. Just knowing that help is right around the corner is something that makes me feel.....

.....idk I can't really describe it but it's amazing. OCD you're going bye bye! YAAAAAAY! Boingy!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I Had A Blast

Today was awesome! I had a blast with Moet and her brother Eliot! Read about what we did here and I can't wait for the next time!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great Day!

See my entry on my LJ please! I have to go and watch South Park and then get to bed because tomorrow I'm going out!

Monday, August 27, 2007


Okay this is truly amazing! On Wednesday my best friends mom is taking me places! W00T! Hopefully Moet ( my best friend since like 4ever ) can come with me. That'd make it awesome! I can't wait! Also tomorrow I'm going to the clinic and the drug store so then I'll be able to get my bug photos from camp developed.

Then I'll post them here. Also this morning I made another script off the top of my head and I'm in love with it. I'll post some samples later. And my day went nicely. I hope that tomorrow everything goes well at the clinic and nothing bad happens and that I don't run into any problems with noisy creatures from hell ( babies ).

Peace! This world needs it.....♥

Friday, August 24, 2007

God Bless My Mom

Due to what happened yesterday ( Had problems with fucking ass babies on TV ) my mom told me that we're going on Monday instead. Bless her ♥ Today went well.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dreading Tomorrow

See my other blog for details. I really don't want to go to that fucking cursed clinic.....

ई स्वेअर ई विल किल एनी बबिएस ठाट एवें डरे तो स्टार्ट क्र्यिंग थेइर अस्सेस ऑफ़...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


My mom totally surprised me today by calling my friend Moet! She told me that she had a surprise for me when she woke me up and that was it! We talked for like 2 hours! O_o

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Shhhhhhhhh! It's 3:33am!

Yes it's true! *giggles quietly* I shouldn't even be here but I just wanted to let you know that my day was weird see my other blog. I think I should stop typing now even though it's so addictive. n_n

Monday, August 20, 2007


Today I ran into a problem that got me thinking my old thoughts again along with the new one that keeps floating around in my head. "They can't do anything to fix it....They can't do anything to fix it....." which made it worse and it went on for a while though and I hated it. I haven't had one of these so called episodes involving babies or the like in a good while.

But now I get to thinking that if I do run into any problems with that it'll be worse because I know that nothing can be done to reduce my hearing to make me stop hearing all these things outside ( like people talking or fucking noisy babies ) or hearing something louder then it was before ( at a decent volume ). I'm going to go insane if this keeps up I really am.

And knowing that nothing can be done to help me makes it even worse. I need some sort of a miracle and the likes of that happening RIGHT NOW are impossible..... :*(

ई वान्ना बे नॉर्मल ऎंड नॉट हवे तो गो थ्रौघ एनी ऑफ़ थिस।

Sunday, August 19, 2007


I left the title of this entry "blank" because I couldn't think of a title for it. Any way I was right. Omniglot was updated today. I just hope that it doesn't mean that Sunday is the day it's going to be updated because it's bad enough having to wait 6 days until you see pretty scripties but 7?

No way. I just hope that this theory that I have is wrong that something happened ( hope it wasn't serious ) to delay the update of the site. *Crosses fingers* OTOH it's raining right now because of the damned hurricanes and even though my mom told me that nothing else is supposed to happen ( e.i. TS ) I'm still nervous.

I wanna take a nappy but I can't. :( Wah! :P

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Findings

Yesterday I changed the layout of my blog because I got tired of the old one and wanted something new. And today went well. I found a bunch of Karaoke versions of Selena's songs on YouTube! I'll post one later. Also I found alot of information on 2 families of arachnids a few days ago. My most recent finding was yesterday.

I love it when I hit the "jack pot" on the internet. It always makes me happy. And also Omniglot wasn't updated this week! YIKES! :O Usually every Saturday there's new languages or conscripts and when the owner of the site is going some where he usually mentions it on the "What's New?" page of the site.

This time nothing! I wonder what's going on? Hopefully tomorrow they'll be something new there or an explanation of why it wasn't updated.

Friday, August 17, 2007

गूढ़ ऎंड बद

इन्स्टाद ऑफ़ मे टैपिंग एवेर्य थिंग ओवर अगिन ई'ल थिंक ई'ल जुस्त पोस्ट थे लिंक तो इत इन्स्टाद। ऎंड यू कैन रीड इत राईट नोव! इसं'त ठाट ग्रेट? वेल्ल ऎन्जॉय इत नोव ओके?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Going To The Clinic Tomorrow

See here please. Typing it over will just kill me. Or wait maybe that's a good thing.....

ई'म रेअल्ल्य अपसेट राईट नोव अत जुस्त थौघ्त ऑफ़ इत.... थिस इसं'त फुं अत अल। ई हटे मय लाइफ इत सुक्क्स लिके शीत!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

सॉरी फ़ॉर थे देले

फ़ॉर २ देस थे इन्टरनेट हस बीन दोवं फ़ॉर सोमे स्त्रंगे रेअसों। ई गोट इत बैक येस्तेर्दय अत 8:00pm। सो ई जुस्त वांटेड तो लेट यू क्नोव ठाट नोथिंग बद हप्पेनेद ऎंड ठाट ई'म अल्रिघ्त। :) ई गोट मय ब्रैड्स ताकें आउट ऎंड मय हेयर वाशेद टुडे।

इत काम अस अ शोक तो मे बेकाउसे ई क्नेव ठाट थे हेयर द्रेस्सेर वास किंग बुत ई दिदं'त क्नोव वहत डेट इत वास ओं सो नातुराल्ल्य व्हें मय मॉम वोके मे उप ऎंड तोल्ड मे ठाट शे वास हियर ई वास लिके "वहत?!" ग्लाद इत'एस ओवर थौघ बेकाउसे ई हटे गेत्तिंग थे ब्रैड्स ताकें आउट।

अत लीस्ट ई गोट तो बे ओं थे इन्टरनेट व्हिले शे वास तकिंग थेम आउट! :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

मय लाइफ इस गेत्तिंग बोरिंग अगिन...

इट्स साद ऎंड त्रुए। इट्स लिके अल थे "एक्ष्किमेन्त्" लेफ्ट इत ऎंड एवेर्य्थिंग इस गोइंग बैक तो थे वय इत उसेद तो बे बेफोरे ई लेफ्ट फ़ॉर कैंप। नॉट ठाट कैंप वास एनी बेत्तेर थिस येअर थौघ...

Friday, August 10, 2007

मय दय वेंत वेल्ल!

मय दय वेंत रेअल्ल्य गूढ़ अच्तुअल्ल्य बेकाउसे अल ठाट हप्पेनेद वेअठेर विस वास रैन ऎंड ठाट इस इत! ऎंड इम ग्रतेफुल फ़ॉर ठाट। ई त्रुल्य ऍम थांक यू! थे ओनली थिंग ठाट वोर्रिएस मे नोव इस हाउ मय निघ्त इस गोइंग तो गो। बुत ई थिंक इत विल बे फिने। ई जुस्त होप ठाट ई'म राईट!

अल्सो हाऊसिंग वास सुप्पोसेद तो कॉम येस्तेर्दय तो फ़िक्ष् थे बाथरूम दूर ऎंड थेय काम लेट ऎंड थेय तोल्ड मय मॉम ठाट हाऊसिंग डेस्न्त पुट उप थे दूर्स एनी मोरे ऎंड ठाट थे कार्पेंतेर डेस इत नोव। कान यू बेलिएवे ठाट? अल थिस टिम मय मॉम ऎंड ई थौघ्त ठाट इत वास गोइंग तो गो राईट ऎंड थें थिस हप्पेंस!

हाऊसिंग हियर इस सो दुम्ब ऎंड उन्रेलिअब्ले!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

व्ह्य दो ई एक्षिस्त्?

सोम तिमेस ई रेअल्ल्य फील लिके गोद पुट मे हियर जुस्त फ़ॉर मे तो सुफ्फेर.... एवें थौघ मय मॉम तेल्ल्स मे ठाट हे हस अ प्लान फ़ॉर मे ई फंड इत हार्ड तो बेलिएवे अलोत ऑफ़ थे तिमेस बेकाउसे ई हवे बीन सुफ्फेरिंग अलोत मोरे थें उसुअल इत सीम्स। अल्सो टुमॉरो थे वेअठेर इस सुप्पोसेद तो बे रेअल्ल्य बद ऎंड ठाट अलोने मेक्स मे नर्वस।

तोदय सोम वन वास सुप्पोसेद तो कॉम तो पुट उप अ न्यू दूर ऎंड थेय दीद कॉम हौर्स लेटर! मय मॉम वेंत फ़ूड शॉपिंग ऎंड दीद अल ठेस थिंग्स व्हें थेय वेरे सुप्पोसेद तो कॉम बेत्वीं 8:00am-12:00pm! व्हें थे गाए दीद कॉम हे तोल्ड मय मॉम थे रुलेस हवे चंगेद ऎंड ठाट थे कार्पेंतेर इस सुप्पोसेद तो कॉम ऎंड पुट उप अ न्यू दूर!

ई'म स्कारेड.....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Arch Nemesis List # 3

Well here it is. I thought that this would happen and it did. So without further ado I bring you the 3rd addition of the Arch Nemesis List:

Jasmine: She made the list by beating me up this year at camp....I hope that son of a bitch burns in hell....She's going to pay big time!

Brett: Looks like she has 2 sides to her like Jasmine although Jasmine showed more of her dark side if you know what I mean this year. And Brett definitely showed she wasn't stable.....

I don't know if I should add the following people or not:

Fiona ( counselor )
Sara ( Camper who was supposed to be my friend... )
Seeque ( counselor who did nothing to stop Jasmine and Brett from bothering me )

You know I think I will add her for just that:

Seeque: Made the list by doing nothing to stop Brett or Jasmine from bothering me.

Fiona: Same reason. She also told me hours later after Jasmine beat me to get over it......Plus I got the feeling that she didn't really like me....

Also TS happened this morning but thank goodness it wasn't bad.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Arch Nemesis List # 3!!!!!!!

Well I haven't made another one in a year but due to what happened at camp this year I think I will. Not now though since I can't think straight for some reason but perhaps for tomorrow's post? Yeah I think I'll like that......>:) Nothing interesting happened today.

Please I don't want my life to go back to the way it was.....

प्लेस ई डॉन'त वांट मय लाइफ तो गो बैक तो थे वय इत वास.....

वेल्ल ई हवें'त मदे अनोठेर वन इन अ येअर बुत ड्यू तो वहत हप्पेनेद अत कैंप थिस येअर ई थिंक ई विल। नॉट ओनली नोव थौघ सिंस ई कैन नॉट थिंक स्त्रैघ्त फ़ॉर सोम रेअसों बुत पेर्हप्स फ़ॉर टुमॉरो'एस पोस्ट? येः ई थिंक ई विल लिके ठाट.....>:) नोथिंग इन्तेरेस्तिंग हप्पेनेद टुडे।

एडिट: ई'म थिंकिंग ऑफ़ पोस्टिंग बिलिंगुअल नोव सिंस ई कैन टाईप इन हिंदी! :)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

ई हटे जस्मिने!

You can probably figure out what that says any way। ;)

ई हटे यू जस्मिने!

यू कैन नॉट फिगुरे आउट वहत थिस सय्स उन्लेस यू क्नोव हाउ तो रीड हिंदी जस्मिने! MWAHAHAHA!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Camp, Home, And Hell

At Camp:

Morning: 8:00am-8:30am

Naturally after yesterday I was worn out both physically and emotionally. So I made a promise to myself to sleep as long as I could or IOW sleep as along as I wanted too. Fat chance!

What happened is this:

When morning came I was fast asleep that is until Fiona ( one of my counselors ) kept shouting my name and telling me to get up and get dressed for morning circle and breakfast. I was sort of awake and asleep at the same time.

So I heard her but ignored her and tried to go back to sleep. That's when Jasmine turns the radio on really loud and starts snapping her fingers looking in the direction of my bed and I tell her to:

1. Turn down the music.

2. Stop bothering me.

So she did nether. The music thing didn't bother me at the moment because I was awake by then and not trying to go back to sleep. What was bothering me was the 12 year old bitch snapping her fingers ( that I so wanted to chop off and feed to my beloved pet... )on purpose to get me annoyed.

Well it was working as it always does because snapping fingers and popping gum or anything that sounds like it gives me a head ache I can't eve describe. Plus my nerves went bye bye and I was pulsing with anger/hatred all at the same time.

So I was screaming "Stop it!" and "Jasmine cut it out!" etc half naked ( I only had my panties on )pounding the wall in agony asking her to stop. And get this the counselors have the nerve to tell me to stop instead of her!

Can you believe them? Nor can I! Any who I went over to her bed to tell her to stop and she didn't so I tried to put her hands down and then the next thing you know she beats me again! So the next thing you know I'm outside with my pajama top on and panties after I kicked her a few times.....

Then my wish comes true I got taken home and something is going to be done about Jasmine because my told me so. She's not getting away with this at all.....

At Home: 1:20pm-1:30pm?

Naturally when I left to go home at 10:00am I was jumping with joy. But it also was sort of a bitter sweet ending because Sara and I made up and when I was walking to the car ( Harvey and Katie were taking me home ) I was singing "Dreaming Of You" with her since that's our favorite Selena song....

I'll miss her alot. :*( But I'll see her next year and we keep in touch via IM and email.

So I get home and I tell my mom every thing that happened over the last 2 days. And she makes some phone calls while I'm on my computer doing the things I love. Then a few hours later TS happens while the sun was shining and the sky was blue!

It only did it once during the day and at night......Fuck you god! Happened with no warning both times! And this time it was worse because I was having problems with my walk men so my mom had to borrow my neighbor's and hers was acting up too!

And I did more damage to the bathroom door then I did the last few times.....It's almost coming part now.....Why? Why did I have to come home to this?.......

On the bright side I got the 7th and the last Harry Potter book and Pizza.And today I got 2 new walk mens along with a CD case! YAY! n_n

Written on the 4th of August.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jasmine Is Evil

You probably don't know what I'm talking about but Jasmine is one of the girls in my bunk and today she's gone too far on picking on me. She beat me up with a huge stuffed dog or something of the sort of hers and Sara ( Who's supposed to be my friend ) was laughing and cheering her on!!!!!

I'm still upset about what they ( Jasmine and Sara ) did to me. I wanna come home. I'm not going to take another day around them ( this includes every one in my bunk actually ) I also told Sara that I'm never talking to her again ( which I'm not ).

And to make things worse Sara didn't even try to stop Jasmine from beating me up like a friend is supposed to do. We were friends for 4 years....... :*(

I'm going to make sure that I go home this time no matter what.....I'm sick and tired of the people in this bunk.