Saturday, November 26, 2005

Web sites

I found a lot of stuff online today and I found this really informative web site about caterpillars from around the world and they have awesome pics. I'm really into insects and spiders and I have tons books and web sites that I put into my favorites about them. I talked to some of my friends today as well. It was just like another day without anything happening. I wish something would pop up though. I hate writing the samething every time I update my blog. It's the samething with my Diary. Other then that I had a nice day and I hope that every thing goes well on school on Monday. I've been through a lot with certain things happening in the school that I now attend to and the one before this one. The last one I was at the teachers and some of the kids bothered me and even hit me. I will never for get one paticular event that I'm still thinking about if I should write about it. I still haven't decided yet. Now getting back to the other stuff, there is a lot of things going on in the school that I'm in now. Today I also got my hair done by a friend of my mom's and I really like it a lot. As for world news nothing that I heard on the news shocked me at all. Infact I don't even remember watching the news today! As for me I'm pretty good a little tired though. I hope things go well on the bus on Monday with my para. More on that story some other time. As for having friends in school I have two of them, but I rarely get to see them now because things have changed in school after we came back from summer vacation. So I only get to see them in the hall ways and at lunch. So now it feels like I don't have any 'cause of the kids in my class bothering me, and when I see one of them at lunch we don't talk as much as we used to. We have two lunch periods during the day, so I only get to see one of my friends at that time. As for the second she all ways has something to tell me. So when I see her in the hall way we all ways stop and talk about things, before my teachers catch up with us telling me to go back to class. But the times when I do get to have good long conversations are dwindleling. I hope things get better at having some one to talk to at the you need it as for now I need it bad. The kids at the school seem to hate or dislike me, accept for my two friends. I even have a theory that some one is spreading rumors about me! How did I get this idea?, simple. A kid on my bus named Chris is often asking me questions that are very stupid and very hurtful. For example: He would ask me ''Are you wearing diapers?!'' What kind of mind does he have any way? He's crazy big time! Diapers?! Me going to school with them! FAT CHANCE!! funny, very funny. And he says other things too. But despite all of that today was a very good day.

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