Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Arch Nemesis List

This is something I came up with just now. It's an Arch Nemesis List. A list of all the people I hate from school. Also including the people that I really hate from the school AMAC. The school I went to before the one I used to go to. Let's start with the ones from the school I used to attend.


*David: ( One of the crises people. He has put me through too much crap! )

Chris: ( He used to bother me on the bus with his asshole friends. )

Emily: ( She made the list after she beat me up. I also had 2 other incidents with her. )

Jeffery: ( One of Chris's friends. He threatened to light me on fire! He also brought a lighter on the bus and he turned it on and put near my head! He got suspended from the bus after Desirae saw what happened.

The Matron: ( She made the list by allowing Emily to beat me up for throwing a bottle at her by accident. I was trying to through the bottle at Chris not her. )

Ms. B: ( The lunch detention lady. She was the one in the detention room watching the kids to make sure that they behaved themselves. At first when the kids were bothering me she told them to shut up. And the one day ( In my opinion. ) she lost it. I was telling some kid to stop bothering me and to shut the fuck up and then she told me to leave the room. I refused to leave and then she got some of the crises people to restrain me including Ms. B herself and threw me out of the room. )

Dr. Lavine: ( I don't know if I'm spelling her name right but that doesn't matter right now. She's been mean to me ever since the kids at the school started bothering me. Even before I really got to know her there was something there I didn't like. )

When I was attending AMAC I had alot of people that I hated and I still do. I hate them for what they did and what they put me through.


*Bevin Camble: ( Fuck that son of a bitch! I can't believe that at one point I actually liked the bitch! When she wasn't my teacher she acted really nice towards me and I told my mom about her and she thought she knew she sounded nice from what I told her. But then when we came back from Christmas break I found out that she was my teacher! I was so happy at first and my mom was too. At first when I stared out in her class she acted nice to me and I really thought that I was going to have a great year with her, but I was dead wrong! As time went by her true colors began to show and I had some of the worst times with her. And that's how she made the list. )

*Tijuana Green: ( Fuck that asshole son of a bitch! When she became teachers aid she like Bevin acted nice to me and everything seemed really good. But then just like Bevin her true colors began to show. And again I had some of the worst times with her. But the worst was on June 1st 2004! She assaulted me! That's how she made the list. Also it seemed like Bevin and Tijuana were sisters! They were always agreeing with each other in my punishments! Fuck them all and I hope the devil let's you burn in hell! )


*Goran: ( Wow!, fuck that little son of a bitch asshole shit eater ! He was one of the biggest problems I had in that school! When he restrained me it REALLY HURT! He was the worst there besides Bevin and Tijuana. He was a HUGE PROBLEM! He had hurt me soooo bad! It got so bad that my mom had to call him numerous times and tell him to keep is dirty filthy hands off me! But did he listen? NO! So that's why he's on this list. Burn in hell! )

Khalid: ( I hate him just as much! He had been a part of my last day and my worst day in another classroom after my my had gotten me out of Bevin's classroom. The date was May 18th 2005. Goran was also part of this day too! I had other problems with him too. )

Jason: ( Made the list by being a part of the May 18th 2005 episode. He got to help restrain me when I was held captive in an empty classroom. The rest of class had gone home and my mother was forced to pick me up! It was horrible. I can't tell you the whole story right now though. )

*Carla Parsi: ( Was my teacher for the class when we came back from summer vacation. She was to me, a bit untrustworthy when I first met her, but I liked her for some things. But the like all the rest of the " Nice " teachers she began to show her true colors too. She even had the nerve to split me and my best friend up! I want her to burn in hell too! )

** Note: All the names with the * next to them are the people I hate the most.
** To all the people marked with the * next to their name:
You all go to hell and suffer all damnation bitches and hoes! Saten will piss all over your dying corpse and let hell's angles shove pineapples up your ass!

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