Friday, November 10, 2006

Whole Oregano Is Evil!

Ok, I bet you're wondering why on Earth would I say Whole Oregano is evil, right? Thought so. So I'm going to tell you why. Remember I had a bunch of days off ( I had a day off today too )? It's because of the fact that I've been feeling very strange lately. I've been feeling like I'm going to float away from my body and I didn't know why.

It's been scaring the living sh** out of me. And I didn't know why it was happening or what was wrong with me. I told my mom and I asked her "Am I going to die?...." She told me I wasn't. She also told me it wasn't anything serious because if it was I would've fallen down while I was singing and dancing to Selena songs. But it still scared me.

Last night I really went of the hook. I was sleeping, then all of a sudden I felt like I was parting with my body! I screamed and I woke up and told my mom. This morning she told me some thing told her that the problem was the Whole Oregano that I've been putting on my pasta for dinner every night. I was shocked! It was the weirdest thing I've ever heard in my life.

But as I think about it now it make sense. My mom told me that dry Whole Oregano was making me feel this way because it was so strong. You're supposed to wet it first with water. I never knew that. So today when my mom went food shopping she bought the ground Oregano. My mom also gave personalised pens! YAAAAAAAAAY! She also told me to drink lots of fluids to get it out of my system, which I shall do!

So that's why I think Whole Oregano is pure EVIL!