Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Love It When Something Good Happens!

The title says it all people! My mom told me that on Saturday I'm going to go and get my new IEP set up. Now the only question that I have is what the hell does IEP stand for? Hopefully I'll find out on Saturday. Alot has happened over the last few days that I didn't post on here either because I didn't feel to good at the time or I forgot but any way these are just some of the things that happened.

*A few days ago I got my hair done from my hair dresser that comes to the house every three month to get my hair relaxed. She does my mom's hair too because my mom doesn't have the time to do my hair or hers.

*I made another script that I posted yesterday that goes by the name Talari. I like it alot. I'll probably make some other versions some time soon.

*Since I've seen my new therapist and the fact that I'm getting a new dosage of medicine I feel alot better now for which I'm very very greatful for! =)

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