Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Chat Room Of Hell #2

Well this is the second edition of the Chat Room Of Hell. Reason why I'm posting another one is because I went through hell. And this time it was worse alot worse. If I told you all the details I think it would be at lease 2 pages long. So I'm going to make it nice and short for you. Hopefully I'll be able to tell you everything using as many words as possible.

Ok, so the first part of my day was good until my mom tells me that TS is moving around the area ( not our area yet ). So naturally since I hate them so much I start getting nervous. I was hoping against hope that it wouldn't happen.....but it did. And the funny thing about it was that it wasn't like a regular TS either! So after a while I hear something knowing in my gut what it was and I told my mom and that's when everything started.

I was screaming until my throat was hurting. And it was horrible. And it was all day long! >:( I even did more damage to the bathroom door in my agony. Not on purpose but man fuck you Satan. It was the worst day of my life in this year ( so far ) involving TS at home. I was in and out of the bathroom like crazy and one thing that really get's me furious is the fact that every time I came out thinking that it was over it starts again after less then 5 mins!

So any way here's my little "chat" with Satan who really did it this time!

*I enter the Chat Room Of Hell*

*Satan enters the Chat Room Of Hell*

Me: You've really done it this time Satan you sick, twisted, crazy, mean , evil, BITCH! *Slaps Satan sooooooo fucking hard*

Satan: What was that for?

Me: For ruining my day bitch! Also it seems that God took sides with you when I asked him to let it be over and it wasn't. How could he do such a thing? Huh? Tell me bitch!

Satan: Look he didn't take sides with me....

Me: Liar! You know he did!

Satan: He didn't take sides he just didn't answer.

Me: So you're saying that he ignored me? :O

*God enters the Chat Room Of Hell*

God: I didn't ignore you.

Me: Yes you did! *Shots a look of pure hatred at God*

God: I....I....I I'm sorry that I couldn't help you...

Me: You will be....

*I beat up God and then walked away*

Satan: OMFG! She.....what.....Oh FUCK!

God: *Gasp* Oh I must've made her mad. But like I said...oh just forget it. A 15 year old girl is controlling what I say I can't tell her some thing that I don't know how to put into words. Just forget it.

*God leaves the Chat Room Of Hell*

*I go after him*

Me: Alright just tell me everything in my dreams tonight then. Oh and grant me pleasant ones. I couldn't take a scary dream after what I've been through today.

*God: Deal

*I think that's what he would say*

*Jesus enters the Chat Room Of Hell*

Jesus: You know you said some pretty nasty and insulting things to me and my dad while in your agony. I know you didn't mean them although you felt that you did....

Me: You're wrong.....I meant them from the bottom of my heart.

Jesus: You're just saying that. Deep down you're sorry about what you said.

Me: I don't think so.....

Jesus: You can think what ever you want to but you know that I'm right. I'll forgive you no matter what.

*The last part Jesus said I know is true*

*God enters the Chat Room Of Hell*

God: What Jesus said. I'm the same way too. Now let's kick Satan's ass now shall we?

Jesus: Alright! Time for some ass whooping! W00T!

Me: Oh yeah! It's time to open a can of whoop ass! >:รพ

Satan: Oh shit!.... Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

*Satan screams as God, Jesus, and I give that son of a bitch what he deserves!*

You know I kinda feel better after writing that..... ( emotionally speaking ) n_n

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