Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Strike is over

Today was like the weekend. My mom went food shopping and she also bought the x-mas tree today as well.! It's a small tree and it fits good in the space that we made for it. It's near the printer. The computer alone takes up a lot of space so we couldn't have a large tree. But it doesn't matter to me as long as we have the tree in the first place! I love the smell of the tree. I look forward to smelling it every year, and the presents and all the suprises that come with them! I love Christmas. I'll be going to school tomorrow and I'm happy that the strike is over and that every body can go back to using transportation like they should. But I want to spend tomorrow at home because it's only a half a day tomorrow and then on Saturday it's Christmas eve. It doesn't even make sense to got to school when there's a half a day. Any way besides that today was good.


Martin said...
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louiserickson6002 said...

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Brittanie said...

Hi, louiserickson6002 I love nature and I read your blog and I agree with you, people thorwing trash in parks or amy where it's not right it's hurting the enviroment. I love noture so I know how that feels. I go to camp every year and I love it. I like looking for bugs, and catching them to look at them more closely, and take pictures if I have a camera on me. Then I let them go. It totaly bugs when I see people littering in parks or like I saud any where. By the way what kind of bugs do you get in the park that you work at?