Thursday, December 14, 2006

Evil Events

None of what I'm about to tell you is good news. Last night was horrible and so was the lesson with the tutor. Remember the post which said that my day was weird? That was the first incident with my tutor and yesterday was the second. The second one was by far the worst.

The reason that last night was awful was because I didn't get much sleep because of the smoke detector was acting up again. It has been going off every now and then for no reason. The day before last night a man came to fix it by spraying something on it. He only made it worse because when night came it went off for the what felt like 30 minutes. And what made it worse was the fact it was right over the door way in the hall way that leads to my bedroom!

I got irritated like *snaps fingers* that and my mom and I got into another fight. It was horrible. Today I had a day off. This morning another one of the guys ( this one knew what he was doing ) installed a new one. So I hope that tonight will be a good one.

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