Friday, December 01, 2006

Weird Day

Today was weird. Why? Because I woke up fine and then these horrible cramps kick in as I was sitting at my computer checking my emails. I got scared because I thought my period was coming and that it was too late to go to the clinic and get the birth control shot that was blessed by god.

And I didn't have to go to the bathroom either for 2 reasons:

1. I already went the night before.

2. I would know if I had to go.

So then this thought came to me "What if it's my period is on it's way?" I hope not. Today nothing happened, no cursed blood from the Devil thank the lord, and, yesterday they said that severe TS was coming tomorrow. No TS today thank the lord!

My mom said it was supposed come at around 5:00pm but it's 6:09pm right now and I hope *crosses fingers* that it doesn't happen at ALL! On the bright side tomorrow is Saturday and then the next day KERRY IS COMMING!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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