Thursday, December 07, 2006

OCD Rampage

This morning my stupid OCD went on a rampage. I really wanted to go back to sleep but my mom convinced me to go on with "school" which is becoming a drag now. As you know my mom changed the time from 2 hours to only 1 hour. God bless for everything she's ever done for me! =)

Aren't you going to ask what my morning was like? It was hell. That's what it was. But the rest of my day was good. Oh yeah forgot to tell you that I changed the layout for my LJ! Every now and then I change it.

Azaukizi pisuzo besubonu zisu azesa pabiazi sipi sisuzasobonu paaze sebosau? Bozi paase biusese. Puazikize pabiazi bozi paaze. Ezozi puu zauku suba sipi oapi paaze besusuo. Subi piuabi basubezi zisu ziusese pisuzo puazi Bo naasobeukio puu seapisuzi basuza sipi LJ!

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