Sunday, December 31, 2006

Today Was Like OMG!

Today was awesome! The title pretty much describes what my day was like. First this is what I got as the first surprise when I woke up and went into the kitchen to take my very important vitamins for the day and on the table were 2 insect books that I told my mom about that were in a magazine that sells the kind of stuff! I was screaming and jumping up and down like a five year old!

So what's the story with the books? Well originally I was supposed to get them for xmas but my mom had hidden them so well from me that she couldn't even find them!...... until today! YAAAAY! And my b-day is in 2 months then I'll be getting the BIG ONE! I'm soooooooo happy! And the goodness doesn't stop there! My mom got a call from one of my brother's sons and he told my mom that he and John ( he's my second older brother ) are coming on Tuesday!

My mom and I haven't seen John in years! And one of his sons also named John ( don't know if it's spelled 'Jon' or 'John' ) is coming along with him! WOW! What a wonderful way to end the year!

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