Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Well just a few minutes ago Irene just left after doing my hair. Also I promised that I would make this a special post so I will. Let's start with my mystery bug. Here's a photo of it. Isn't it cute? This is a nymph ( the young of true bugs ) of a leaf footed bug. But I'm not sure on the species. I've seen them every where where I live and at camp ( Which I'm going to tomorrow! ). But thanks to I now know that this is a young leaf footed bug. Before I knew what they were I used to call them "boot bugs" because they look like boots. And that was my nick name for them. Also my mom got the rest of my cameras from the drug store earlier this morning. Also I'm going to take lots of pictures of these when I see them at camp. Also yesterday Kerry called to say good bye to me and to wish me a good time at camp. She also told me that when I come home from camp she would call to set date for me to go to the beach! YAY! So I have that to look forward to too! Any way Good bye for now!

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