Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lady Bugs!

Today at 8:00am my mom found a Asian Lady bug ( Harmonia Axyridis ) on one of the chairs in the kitchen and she put it in a cup for me to look at for a while. I was cute! One thing you should know is that this beetle is variable in color. the way to tell if it is Harmonia Axyridis is to look at the white "shield" covering it's thorax. If it has a black "W" on it then it's Harmonia Axyridis. These lady bugs are also called the multicolored Asian lady bugs. And for good reason too, for the come in many different patterns and colors and some of them don't eve have spots on there elytra ( wing cases )! Well that 's all that happened today. I let the lady bug go on the balcony.

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