Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Invasion Of The Flies

Today flies invaded our house! Fruit Flies to be exact. What really shocked me was the fact that this morning my mom told me that 2-3 flies were flying around the Venus Fly Trap my mom had bought but they didn't land on the leaves as far as I know! Gee, that was awkward! The invasion of the flies started last night when found one in the bathroom! I thought, "Ok. This normal." which at first I thought it was normal because every now and then we would get fruit flies when my mom buys bananas. But we never got this many! Next thing you know they'll be breeding! ( See picture on the side ) I could hear the flies now about how they're going to take over the house: "Hee hee hee! We just invaded Brittanie's house and we are now making plans to take over the house! In the mean time we'll be making babies! Yeah right! But just to let you know it wasn't a swarm of them. Although you might've guessed ( for thoughs who read my profile and know me ) that I love insects and spiders alot! I find them fascinating to read about ( I have many books on them ) and to watch and photograph in their natural habitats ( which by the way isn't my house! ). Although I don't mind having their company! It may sound like I do in this post but really I love them! It's my mom who hates them! In fact she hates all insects except butterflies and lady bugs. She wouldn't kill them if they made their way into the house, but anything else she'll either kill or catch them in a cup for me to let them go outside. So really in this case I consider my mother to be an insect hater and killer, which by the way in my view is against the law! :)


deadmike said...

Hey there Brittanie. Hope you are doing well.
I was just going to mention that what you probably had in your house was a Drosophilid or "Pomace Fly" rather than a true fruit fly. The picture you posted is of a true fruit fly, which is in the family Tephritidae.
Anyway, take care and keep bloggin'.

Brittanie said...

Cool! Maybe If I see another one I'll take a closer look at it to see what kind it is. And I will keep blogging! :)