Sunday, July 16, 2006


Today is my wonderful mimi's birthday! She told me that we're going to have a nice PARTY! ( Yes! please do envy us! ) And we're going to have cake and ice cream too! And lot of noise makers!!!

I also got mail from Connie too! She sent me 3 GIANT FUZZY WUZZY BALLS! YAY! :) ( 2 orange and 1 yellow ). I like them alot and also I've got only got 4 more days until I go to camp! ( Yes! PLEASE envy meeeeeeeeeeeeee! ) so later on I'm going to help my wonderful mimi write my name on the clothes I'm taking to camp.

Also I bet your wondering what mimi means. So I'm going to tell you. I like to call my mommy mimi. So that means when ever you see the word mimi in any of my post you know who and what I'm talking about. If any thing else happens that's interesting I'll update this post.

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