Saturday, July 08, 2006

Lance And Connie Came To Visit Today!

Today Lance and Connie came to visit my mom for her birthday. My mom's real b-day is on the 16th but they couldn't come that day so they came today! We had pizza! It's been along long time since I've had it. I wanted to get some with Kerry the other day but it was closed. ( We came back home too late. ) It was good seeing them again! We haven't seen them in over a year! That's what my mom told me.

Connie gave me a bunch of rings and a silver charm bracelet! I like charm bracelets. I have quite a few. And as for rings I have ( what my mom says! ) too many! :) Also I saw a gray geometrid moth when we went outside to escort them to the taxi that was taking them back home. It was very pretty. I caught it and showed it to my mom in the lobby and then I let it go.

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