Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Findings

Yesterday I changed the layout of my blog because I got tired of the old one and wanted something new. And today went well. I found a bunch of Karaoke versions of Selena's songs on YouTube! I'll post one later. Also I found alot of information on 2 families of arachnids a few days ago. My most recent finding was yesterday.

I love it when I hit the "jack pot" on the internet. It always makes me happy. And also Omniglot wasn't updated this week! YIKES! :O Usually every Saturday there's new languages or conscripts and when the owner of the site is going some where he usually mentions it on the "What's New?" page of the site.

This time nothing! I wonder what's going on? Hopefully tomorrow they'll be something new there or an explanation of why it wasn't updated.

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