Monday, August 20, 2007


Today I ran into a problem that got me thinking my old thoughts again along with the new one that keeps floating around in my head. "They can't do anything to fix it....They can't do anything to fix it....." which made it worse and it went on for a while though and I hated it. I haven't had one of these so called episodes involving babies or the like in a good while.

But now I get to thinking that if I do run into any problems with that it'll be worse because I know that nothing can be done to reduce my hearing to make me stop hearing all these things outside ( like people talking or fucking noisy babies ) or hearing something louder then it was before ( at a decent volume ). I'm going to go insane if this keeps up I really am.

And knowing that nothing can be done to help me makes it even worse. I need some sort of a miracle and the likes of that happening RIGHT NOW are impossible..... :*(

ई वान्ना बे नॉर्मल ऎंड नॉट हवे तो गो थ्रौघ एनी ऑफ़ थिस।

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