Friday, June 02, 2006

Evil #3

First things first. Before we get into name calling and plotting revenge I must say this. Right now I'm very anxious. Don't ask me why cause I'll slap you! but I'll tell it has to with school and I hope something will be done very soon and that I'll be happy again about going to school again. Before all these problems arose I loved school and I even wanted to go on the weekends but ever since these dreadful things arose I started dreading going to school and it's been like that ever since. Hopefully now when my mom finds a school it will be the right one for me. And I also hope the school that my mom does find is the right one and that I'll be happy there and that I'll have friends and I hope it will be like kindergarten again but with older kids. Once that's out of the way my life will be much easier. Also in case you didn't know. Yesterday was the " anniversary " of when I got assaulted by that mother fucking asshole shit eating mushroom raper who deserves to live and die in hell bitch Tijuana. And I believe that that day is cursed. Because yesterday was awful! I don't want to talk about it at all. Now as for the evil stuff check back on this post to see when I've edited it. As for now good bye.

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