Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tutor Came Again

Today the tutor came. She gave me some things. Besides that nothing happened today. Hopefully something good will happen soon. Because I'm dying for another day outside or something to happen that's worth it because I starting to get bored again.


deadmike said...

Hey there Brittanie. Thanks for the comment on my blog.
I checked out some of yours and saw that you were wondering why no one is commenting. Here is my 2 cents:
I am thinking you will generate some more interest in your blogs if you put in a little more eye candy. If you could dredge up a digital camra and post some things like photos of your crabs or whatnot, it would add some spice.
Also another way to get some more interest is to monkey around with the html of your template. This can give your blog a custom look that sets it out.
Also, if your posts have some kind of story, describing your feelings or conveying a lesson that you learned, that would be good (that's advice I should follow, except I mostly just post photos).
Anyway, keep it up and I am sure you will get some more satisfaction out of it eventually. I for one will keep posted.
Take care.

Brittanie said...


Thanks alot for the comment and the advice! I will definitely post up photos of my hermit crabs. And Hopefully of some insects I see when I go to camp on July 20th!

I see tons of insects there every single day! I've found some very interesting looking ones but I couldn't take any photos at the time because I didn't have a camera. But this year it'll be different!

deadmike said...

Hope you have a good time at camp!
love to see some photos if you get the chance. If you go to a camp near a lake there should be plenty of interestng things.

Brittanie said...

Thanks! And we do go on lake trips so I do see alot of insects there and fish.