Sunday, June 11, 2006


This is a special announcement: I'm a prisoner in my own home! It's been over 2 months that I've been stuck inside my home with almost nothing to do and no where interesting to go. I've just realized that my life has taken such a twisted path into nothingness that I want to be freed. I feel like a bug in a jar! The weather was very nice today and yesterday and the day before yesterday too! Did I get to go out on either of these days? NO! My friend DiDi called today about a million times. I really didn't feel like talking to her though. We always talk about the same thing this game I played with her and my other best friend James when I was attending AMAC. I really don't want to keep talking about the same old thing though, after a while it gets boring. Nothing interesting happened today as you might've guessed. Also last night I had a horrible dream. This is nothing new. I've been having them ever since I attended that school and the kids started bothering me. And right now some stupid ass people are shooting fireworks outside. I wish they would stop. I'm getting a head ache now. At this point of my life I feel like I could cry any minute, even now. And the only way I'll feel any better is when all of this ENDS!

P.S Tomorrow I'm getting my hair relaxed after the tutor comes.

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