Thursday, June 08, 2006


I don't really know why I'm calling this news. But earlier today my mom was talking to Dr. Grodberg and she said I'm going to see him on the 19th. I'm really looking forward to speaking with him again. I've been out of school for over 2 months. And during that time I haven't gone to see him once! So I really want to make up the sessions that I lost. And I want a nice long talk with him about what's been going on for the last 2 months in my boring miserable life. I'm supposed to see him every month so he can know what's going on with school and my daily boring life. So I better have good make up session for the 2 that I lost and that it'll be nice and long, because if it's not I'm gonna go mad and I'm not kidding........... Any way he probably already knows that I was staying home for over 2 uneventful boring months away from that dump of a school. I wouldn't be too surprised if he knew, because after all I did tell you that I heard my mom talking to him about how the boys bothered me at the Devil's asshole of a school. Any way I think that if I could I would take over the world or at least the school I used to go to so that everyone staff members and the kids who bothered me an hurt me in so many ways would suffer at the hands of my wrath. Yes, that gives me some good ideas on how to take over the school for a few wonderful months of making everyone that gave me such a hard time suffer at the hands of my army of giant evil blood sucking cockroaches! And of course I'll have the wonderful help of Satin on my side shoving pine apples up their poor little asses! Let's see if they can bare the pain!

I truly hope that every one in the entire school has a very painful life and a very painful death. I want them to suffer great pain both mentally ( Even though they're already mental. ) and physically. I hope that God grants my wishes to these little bitches from hell! Also to all the people from AMAC that treated me like I was nothing: I really really hope you live in hell and that you die in hell and burn forever with Hell's angels shoving pine apples covered in blood up your ass. This was a note from a giant evil blood sucking cockroach!

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