Monday, June 19, 2006

Went To Dr. Grodberg's Today!

Today I went to Dr. Grodberg's and we talked about the recent stuff that's been going on in my boring life. I told him I have a tutor and that I haven't been out of my house ( except when I had a doctor's appointment ) in over 2 months. He asked me what are my days like at home and I said "The same. I get up around 1:00pm and go on the computer and check my mail and then look up my favorite topics on the web." I showed him my two blogs and he read some of the post that were clearly indicating that my life has gone down some one's ass. I also showed him 2 videos of Giant Centipedes ( Scolopendra spp. ) eating a mouse and a bat! ( More details on that some other time. ) Then he told my mom that he's working on seeing me once a week. I'm REALLY looking forward to that. Then my mom let me stay out for a bit and I was happy and singing Selena songs looking for bugs. I didn't see any butterflies yet, but I did see the following:

2 Plant Hopper Nymphs
2 Wasp
1 Huge black wasp or beetle ( It was flying so I did really get a good look at it to see what it was. It was cool though. )
So finally I get to breath the summer air once again! THANK THE ALL MIGHTY LORD!

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