Sunday, August 06, 2006

Diary Entry: 07-20-06

Well as I said I would here is the first one:

Dear Diary,
Today was awesome! Before I went to camp I saw a woolly bear caterpillar! ( The larvae of the Tiger moths Arctiidae ). :) These are all the bugs I saw today:

1 woolly bear caterpillar
1 ichneumon wasp ( Female )
3 june beetles
2 snout moths
1 daddy long legs
1 cabbage white butterfly
3-4 may flies
1 leaf hopper
Lots of mosquitoes
1 yellow jacket wasp
1 baby spider
2 chafer beetles
1 ant
Lots of june beetles ( Japanese june beetles ) We also had a talent show tonight! And tomorrow is a whole new day with more bugs! :)
And tomorrow there's a whole new entry! ( Photos of some of the insects and spiders I saw there will be posted as soon as I get them developed. )

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