Tuesday, August 29, 2006

MY 100TH POST! :)


Introduction: As you know I have a list of Satin's Angels on my blog that I have encountered during my life. I have also decided to make another one to host the new list of Satin's Angels that I've met at camp and at the loony bin. And let me tell you I've met alot. The main thing you should know is that this list might differ slightly then the other one. As for now that all you need to know.

And since this is my 100th post I would also like to present the "come back" of my diary entries from camp! Soon to follow these are the ones from when I was at the loony bin. So with out further interruption I present Diary Entry: 07-24-06!:

Dear Diary,

Wow, for the first time ever the day sucked. One of my counselors agreed with me that I was crazy! But just now I found out it was a joke! And a few minutes ago we had a major break down, and then made up. Earlier this morning there was a problem too. If I write about it I'll go nuts. And now for something pleasing, not happy but pleasing. We went on a nature walk with a guy named Lenny. I saw so many butterflies and other insects there.

Loads of cabbage whites, clouded sulphurs, Eastern Tailed Blues, and Dragonflies.
2 ringlet butterflies
1 monarch or viceroy
A bunch of Canada Geese
I also took a picture of a Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly and some geese. I also hope that nothing like this EVER happens again. On a happier note for evening activity we watched the movie The Pink Panther. It was so funny! Hopefully tomorrow will be much better.

Note: The counselor I was talking about in this entry is on the second list! And it's not just because she agreed with me that I was crazy ( the full details of the incident on the second list ) but she was also mean to me. Also what I meant by " I hope that nothing like this EVER happens again." was that I hoped nothing like what happened during the incidents happens again. I just wanted to make that clear. So any way HAPPY 100TH POST DAY!

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