Saturday, August 19, 2006

Leaving The Loony Bin!

Today I came home from the loony bin. And also for those who like my precious Arch Nemesis List will be happy to know that I'll be making another one! YAY! While I was at the loony bin I made loads of enemies. And yes I did make friends there too, but mostly enemies. I'll tell you why, it's because it was just like being back at school again. Yes you heard me mother fuckers! Most of the kids ( Mostly boys were involved but they're were some girls too ), found out that clucking, snapping their fingers, and popping gum bothers me so that's what they did! For 8 fucking days they did nothing but shit to me. What did I do to have such a fucking bad life? That's what I'd like to know for sure!

Almost every night something happened. If it wasn't the kids bothering me it was something else. And being in that fucking loony bin only made me worse. You wouldn't believe how fucking happy I was when my mom ( who came to visit yesterday ) told me I was leaving the next day! She was talking to my doctor who gives me my normal meds for my fucking OCD and who gave me the meds to "calm me down" when I got upset and what the other staff there called "out of control" Really all it was, was me reacting to the what was going on in that fucking loony bin. And I looked forward to writing in my diary about my days and nights at the fucking loony bin.

Oh, and for those fucking nosy people I will post my diary entries from when I was there. And I'm not doing it to please you either. These should've been posts on my blogs at home, not in some psychotic fucking loony bin! And I'm thinking of scanning the post instead of typing them. So what if you think I'm fucking lazy? Were you the one in the loony bin suffering for 8 FUCKING DAYS?! And even if you were in a loony bin doesn't mean you went through what I went through. Any way I bet you're noticing that I'm using the word "fuck" more often then normal, but hey, were you in a loony bin suffering instead of getting help for 8 FUCKING DAYS?! No you weren't now shut the fuck up and keep reading. Here are some things you should know before I post my diary entries here:

1. I hate my periods. I have a really bad fear of blood. I can't stand the sight of it. To me it's like digging up a grave and looking at some one's decaying corpse.

2. I have OCD. It been driving me up the wall for over 10 fucking years. Oh yeah, I forgot it's caused nothing but trouble for me.

3. I also have a really bad fear of T-storms too. Almost the same thing as the blood but instead of the corpse thing it's alot worse. I get really nervous to the point I flip out of control. You'd think I was being sexually assaulted or some thing. It's so bad I can't even say the word. I can't even type or write the word down. So I refer to them as T-storms or TS. I would prefer TS from now on thank you.

Also I really don't feel like updating my other blog with this much info so don't expect anything BIG. That's all for now.

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