Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Diary Entry: 07-22-06

No comments yet! What's wrong with you people! These are diary entries from my vacation! How can you not comment on them! Anyway here is another one:

Dear Diary,

Today I saw so many bugs!

2 daddy long legs
1 HUGE SPIDER! ( Fishing/Wolf Spider I think )

I managed to get a picture of it. But it wasn't a good one. I also took a photo of a daddy long legs. Not to sure on what kind it was though. I'm hoping ( when I go home ) I can send it to www.bugguide.net for an ID on what species it is.

2-3 may flies
1 small gray weevil of some sort
4-5 millipedes
2 pairs of millipedes were making love! I told them to "GET A ROOM"!
1 earwig ( at the pool
1 moth of some sort at night
Tons of mosquitoes ( and yes I got bitten! )
1-2 chafer beetles
5-6 ants in the computer room! ( * wonders what they were doing there* ).
2 stone flies
1 Dragon fly ( at the pool )
I also saw 2 bats! I also learned words in Arabic ( Egyptian ) today too! :)

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