Thursday, January 05, 2006

Action #2!

What do you do when your day at school sucks? Well it depends on what the day was like. And for me it was a piece of shit! The day had some bits of yesterday in it too. It all begins when I come in the morning and start the day out ''normal'' like any other day un aware of what was about to happen during lunch dentention. The morning started out like any other morning and it was pretty good. But towards the afternoon the things started to decline and by lunch time it had really gone down the drain. I had to serve a fucking lunch detention for what I did yesterday. When I got there things really went bad. This kid who I really hate was in there today. During the time I was in there with the rest of the ass holes they started clucking again and I told them to stop and they didn't and no one in there told them to stop they told me to stop screaming! How dare they?! These assholes had started with me! So I couldn't take it any more I just blew up and they told me to get out and that's where things got bad. I had nothing to say to the staff to make them tell these assholes to stop bothering me and to be quite. And then Charles has the the nerve to say ''This is lunch detention we could do what ever we want!'' Hello this is suppose to be a punishment not a treat! And they really do let them do want they want to a certain extent. Which really it should be quite environment and nothing going on in the room. But no it wasn't lie that it was like a zoo! Screaming and all the stuff you could imagine. In case your wondering why this bothers me this is what it feels like:

When certain assholes like Charles and his little asshole friends bother me with noises that they know get me upset I get really really upset and I feel so angry and what makes it worse is that it gives such a head ache! Then there's this ringing in my ears plus the pain.... It's too much to bare. That's also why I can't ignore that certain noise and it drives me up the wall like I said before. To me when I hear it it's like nails on a chalk board and then you can add all the screaming coming from me and the pain from the head ache and the ringing and the anger and the you put them together and that's what it feels like. It's hell. What happened today was bloody hell.
So now you know what this does to me and I wish that these assholes knew what it was like and then they'll stop. So many things happened today that was just so over whelming I couldn't shake it off Also in the detention room the kid I was telling you about was the worse of all I got so mad at him I wanted to throw a chair at that bitch! I just hope that tomorrow will be a better day, that is if I even go tomorrow.

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