Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Today was full of action at school. Both good and bad things happened today. First the good news Ms. Nakashima my teacher gave me a vase with more glass beads! Now that made me very happy. The morning went good like the usual and then towards the afternoon it started to go down. Charles was in today and he started to bother me again with the noises him and his friends make to bother me. So they started to bother me and I asked very nicely to stop, but he didn't. At this time my para had gone to the bathroom or some place else I don't know but any way they kept on and the teacher was out too at the time to do something. The only adult in the class room was Mr. Gardner, he's a para for one of the other kids that is in my class. How ever I would have thought he would tell them to stop and leave me alone but no he didn't he just stood there laughing! I was shocked I thought he would at least tell them to be quite or something but he didn't do anything! So after a while I couldn't take and I flipped out and I pushed my desk on the floor in madness and with my head hurting too! Like I said before I don't know the noises they make bother me but they do and they give me really bad head aches! I don't why they just do. So any was by this time Desirea (My para.) had come back from where ever she was and had herd the news from Mr. Gardner on what had happened during the time they were gone. (By this time Ms Nakashima had come back too to hear the news.) And get this instead of the boys getting punished I get a lunch detention! Now that's not right when they had started the whole thing in the first place! Other then that I had an ok morning and the rest of the afternoon was ok. When I got home I told my mom what happened and she called the principle and told him what happened with me and the boys. Then he told me that tomorrow he would get Charles for what he did! YAY! Now that makes me very happy.

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