Friday, January 20, 2006

Chaotic Afternoon

Today the first part of my day in school went normal and it was just like the usual. As the afternoon approaches it gets bad. I was coming back from lunch and as I walking down the hall way and then Harvey starts clucking again while he's running down the hall way looking like an idiot. I was telling him to stop very nicely. I wasn't yelling at him at all. I don't even start with them they start with me I just really wish they'll leave me alone and every thing will be fine. So as I was saying I told him to stop. Desirea was coming and I told her that Harvey was clucking and she said that she will write him up. I told her that I didn't want to go into the classroom just yet because he will start with me again. She said '' You have to go into the classroom.'' I told her " I don't want to because he'll start with me again and you know he will.'' Sure enough he did. But before this happened another problem aroused it's self just before entering the classroom. Harvey had stopped clucking when we were in the hall way of the classroom. Charles had came and walked past me and he clucked. ( By then I lost it completely because of Harvey clucking and I was yelling at Desirea because she had said somethings that I didn't like and they hurt me.) When Charles had walked pass me and clucked I had went over board I accidentally hit him when I was yelling at him to stop. ( I was so upset I was hitting the wall.) I had hit him by accident. He turned around and I could tell by the look in his eyes he wanted to hit me back. Thank God he didn't. Instead he punched a little hole in the wall and told me "That would've been my face." I was scared at the moment that he would turn around and hit me. But thank God he didn't. Now Desirea had written me up and I was shocked too. When I had went into the classroom Harvey had started with me again I asked him to stop but he didn't and I had already was really upset I just flipped out and knocked over two desk and two chairs. I was then taken into the crises room with Desirea and she had the papers that had the events before this happened. It was what Harvey did to me, and a couple of other assholes too. So then she started to write me up and I of course was really upset and I didn't care what happened. What I really wanted was revenge, sweet revenge. But I never got it. I was in there of over an hour that's for certain. After like 15mins I wanted to talk to my mother and tell her what had happened with in the last few minutes. So I told what happened and what they did to me and then she talked to Desirea about me not purposely hitting Charles. She agreed with her that I can't ignore the noise and it makes me go crazy. So I was in there for quite a while and then after I came out of the crises room I had a normal rest of the afternoon. I really hope something like this never happens again.

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