Saturday, January 28, 2006

A wonderful day with Kerry

Today was awesome! This is what I did on my second day at Kerry's:

9:46 am

I just woke up and had breakfast and then we're going out to Barns and Nobles. I hope I get everything that I want. Then after we are going to the book store then I'm going to Circuit City to buy CD's

10:00 am

We just came back from the book store and this is what I got:

A Pocket guide to insects
Bugs The worlds most terrifying insects

Then we went to circuit City the most shocking thing happened! I had asked the desk clerk if they had any copies of Jennifer Pena Seduccion and they said there were all sold out. I was really upset. Then the lady told me to look in the Latin section to find a Selena CD. ( I had used this as a back up incase they didn't have what I wanted.) So I looked for a Selena CD and then Kerry picked up a CD and asked me who was the artist and you'll never believe what it was Jennifer Pena Seduccion!!!! I was soooooo happy. I know 1000,000% sure that was the hand of God. Then we went out for pizza and then I went home. On the way home I saw another work of God. I saw a taxi and it said SBV269!!!! I love today and thank you God!!!!

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