Monday, September 04, 2006

Diary Entry: 07-25-06

Well as I said in my 100th post that my diary entries have "returned" here is another one:

Dear Diary,

Today was awesome! I saw another Monarch and a Tiger swallowtail. We had sports for evening activity. It was fun. I also saw the following ( insects ):

Loads of Cabbage whites
1 Monarch
1 chafer beetle
3 Japanese beetles
2 Snout moths
1 Cool looking jumping spider ( I took a picture of it crawling on my hand. )
1 spiny backed spider
2 millipedes
1 tussock moth
1 Tiger Swallowtail
2 Clouded sulphur butterflies
We also had academics I played with blocks and see through marbles. I also made 2 bug ID charts with stickers. Some time ago last night we ( the whole bunk except one camper ) made up with Judine ( the counselor I told you about yesterday ). See my 100th post for more details. We also had a blast attacking the British in the pool. Can't wait for tomorrow! :)

Note: Judine still continued being mean with me even after the whole bunk made up with her. The reason we had to make up was because yesterday I said "You're worst counselor ever!" which is true! So that led to her acting like the "victim" saying things like "Oh, it's okay I know you're sorry." in a sarcastic and dramatic voice after I told her I was sorry about what I said. But that didn't stop it until tomorrow night. After that she started "talking normally" again. But sadly she didn't stop being mean to me.

So after that you'd think I wouldn't add her to the second Arch Nemesis List but you're dead wrong if you thought that!

And now as alot of people know the legend of Australia the croc hunter has left us doing what he loved. He will be missed dearly. I loved him and I will never forget him saying "Crikey! That's a beaut!" I watched Animal planet and every other show he was on every chance I got and I loved them. Australia and all the wildlife programs will never be the same. He made me laugh....he was a sweet and funny person.....I, like him love animals, especially insects and their kin.....My heart goes out to his family and friends......Steve you will live for ever dude! Whooooo hooooooooo! R.I.P

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