Sunday, September 10, 2006

Disturbed People

Have you ever been "stalked" online by people you've "met" on some online community? I have, and he won't leave me alone. If you've read some of the comments on some of the post you'll see some one nick named "Nobody" saying things like "You're a freak." and stuff like that. I wish he would stop and leave me alone. Before he found out about my blog he used to send me emails daily regarding a subject and wouldn't stop. So I had to "report" him. Then some how he found out about my blogs here and started posting some really mean things. Some of them were so bad I had to delete them.

You also may have seen some other comments from a person nick named "Berek" he found out about the blog too and started posting here about the subject. He eventually stopped for which I'm grateful for, but when will "Nobody" stop? When will he learn to leave me alone and stop being such an ass hole bitch?! Don't really know but I hope he stops soon, because if he doesn't I'd hate to see what will happen to him..... In my opinion he's the deeply disturbed one not me!

P.S I just found out a few minutes ago that I'm going to the clinic tomorrow for the shot that I told you about that stops my periods for 3 months! :) I'm happy about that, and no it doesn't hurt that much!

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