Friday, September 08, 2006

The Arch Nemesis List # 2!!!!!!!!!

Well as I promised here is the second Arch Nemesis List! YAY! Well let's start with Satin's Angels that I met from camp shall we?

Camp 2006:

Judine: She made it on to the list at the start of camp! When I first saw her I never really liked her though. It was just something about her that I hated. And then I found out why. I had so many conflicts with her that in almost all of them I wanted to kill my self. Take this one for example: I had a problem with one of my OCD things and I was trying to explain it to her, and during my explanation I had said " I know you think I'm crazy..." then she interrupted me by saying "Hell yeah!" I got up and went outside trying to find something out there to kill my self. And then later on I found out it was a joke! I told her not to joke with me like that. So it's because of that and many other things that she made it on to the list.

Erin: Oooooooooooooh that son of a bitch! She made on to the list this year. Although I never liked her, she made it on the list because she crossed the line this year. It happened during a TS and I was in the program office bathroom because it had no windows. It was a really bad one and I had threw a glass measuring cup that they had in there, ( they shouldn't even have those things in a campers reach ) and it broke. That's when Erin came to the door ( I knew she was going to come, so I had put my feet on the door pushing it in with all my weight so she couldn't get the door open ), saying "Open the door Brittanie." I was, as I told you holding the door shut. I told her "Go away you fucking bitch!" And she continued to push. I think she went and got help from Jenny and some one else because she eventually got the door open. It got worse from there because they had to drag me out of the bathroom and take me outside and put me in B3 ( that's an unused bunk they use for a "time out room" ). Jenny helped so she made on the list too.

Jenny: She made it on the list because she helped Erin during that time, and she was also not understanding me. If you ask me she didn't want to understand me. So that's why she's on here.

The Loony Bin 2006:

Jojo: And no I don't mean the singer! :) She was one of the patients. She made the list when she found out that clucking and popping gum bothers me. That's when she did it non stop. I asked her to stop very nicely loads of times and all she would say was "No. I can do what ever I like." or "It's my mouth I can do what ever I like with it." She also would call me crazy loads of times too.

Jonathin: He is one of the most stupidest boys I've ever met. He too made it on the list for doing the same thing as Jojo, although he didn't say "It's my mouth I can do what ever I like with it." And he's ugly!

Christina: She made it on the list too for the same thing. Also including that she was very mean to me as well.

Amberea: Man she's ugly! She made it on the list for bothering me and treating me like I was some kind of illness. Every time I would talk to her about something she would move away from me and act like I was a giant malaria carrying mosquito. And she got me banned from Art because she started clucking and I flipped out throwing things.

Sue: She's one of the staff that worked there. She made it on the list because she was in my opinion mean to me, she didn't want to understand my problems or anything.

Samantha: She is another one of the staff that worked there. She made it on the list because for one thing she was very strict and I don't like strict people because they really don't understand me and they don't want to understand me. She made it on the list because she was involved in one of my many incidents that I had there and she was really really mean to me.

Pam: When I first met her I liked her but when the other kids there started bothering me and making my OCD worse I starting having alot more incidents at night and she was involved in most of them and in one of them she was really mean and that's how she made on the list.

Mike: That son of a fucking bitch! When I first met him I was a little uncertain with him. And it was a good thing that I was, because I started having alot more incidents at night and he started to get involved and he was being really insensitive just like Ms. Nakashima. So that's why he's on here.

You all go to hell bitches and hoes! I hope you suffer all damnition and let Satin's angels shove pineapples up your ass! Burn in hell!

P.S At 9:oopm I saw a asian lady bug beetle ( Harmonia Axyridis ) crawling on the wall in my mom's room! I let it go just a few minutes ago.

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