Monday, September 25, 2006

Elmo Is Evil

You know the cute fuzzy monster from Sesame Street named Elmo? Let me tell you something. He's evil! Just a few minutes my mom told me about an article in the news paper about a bunch of stupid parents having a rampage trying to get the new version of Tickle Me Elmo. One man claimed to have a gun! Another said that he was going to stab another person if he didn't give him his precious Elmo.

If you ask me Elmo is now in league with Satin. So far he has manipulated the brains of many parents and their children. My mom even fell under his spell! But thank the lord she broke it. If you ask me Elmo is going to take over the world if people don't stop doing his "every command". While you're at it why don't elect Elmo as president of the USA?

Let Elmo steal your brains and put them under his control!

And then before you know it Elmo will have warning tags on him saying:

Warning: Elmo is dangerous. He will take over your brain with his cuteness and his adorable laugh. He will create chaos every where he goes. He will make parents want him like never before. He will cause death and destruction in your family. Buy at your own risk.

So, you see Elmo is evil.

He will join Al-Qaeda and help them lead world domination......

Elmo is Evil! Elmo will kill YOU!!!!!!!!

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