Sunday, September 17, 2006

Really Cool Website!

2 days ago I found a really cool forum about insects and spiders! It's called BugNation! So that makes 3 insect forums I'm in! I did my home work today too. The tutor is coming again tomorrow. He told me and my mom it's going to be like "regular school". He's going to come ( if nothing comes up ) 5 days a week! Can't I have a break in between? Having only 2 days off to sleep as long as I want really isn't enough for me because I'm a sleeper! That's another one of my passions!

I just woke up again from another nap! So you see? That's what my life right now at the moment is like. And now you add 5 days a week of home schooling to it. Not really that exciting. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, but eventually the "thrill" of it will wear off. Knowing that is just so fucking depressing.

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