Sunday, September 24, 2006

Assassin Spiders

"Ok, what the hell is this?" That's the first thing you would ask if some one walked up to you with a picture of this thing right? Right. So now I'm going to tell you it is. This weird looking thing is called a Assassin Spider. A what!? you might say, this is a spider. Shocked aren't you? I was too when I found out about them yesterday. Remember the bugnation forum I told you about not too long ago? That's where I heard about them. Then I did a Google search on them and I found some pretty cool stuff on them. Not much though because they're 9 newly discovered species in Madagascar and they have to find out more about them. These are the weirdest looking spiders I've ever seen! And I've seen quite a few weird looking ones both in person and in pictures.

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