Friday, October 06, 2006

3 Day Weekend YAY!

Today I had an interesting lesson with my tutor. I watched 2 videos online ( my VCR is broken at the moment ). One was about the Egyptian culture and the other was about the development of Sumerian writing called Cuneiform. Here's a link: I also found another really cool looking moth photo online today. The moth in the photo is called a Cream Spotted Tiger Moth. Isn't it pretty? I also ( a long time ago ) found a picture of a real tropical butterfly that looked like it came out of an children's coloring book. It's called Marpesia iola. They are other butterflies that have Marpesia in their names. Take the Ruddy Dagger ( Marpesia petreus ) for example. It's and awesome looking butterfly. Any way that's all for now.

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