Sunday, October 01, 2006

Katydids! #2

Ok, remember I said I would show you a picture of a katydid? Well here it is! The one my tutor found wasn't this big! But I've seen them at camp that are really big! I have pictures of them. When I get them developed ( when ever that is ) I'll post them here. The one in this photo is a female. How do I know? Well in this one I can see a little bit of the ovipositor ( egg laying tube ). There's no use in saying where because there's no arrow pointing to it. I could make one but I really don't feel like editing a picture that I didn't take. I think these are awesome! They can re-generate their legs when they're nymphs. They do this when they molt. But if they loose one of their legs while they're adults......they can't grow them back sadly. They're are many species of katydids all over the world. One kind can even draw blood! And I'm not kidding on that one!

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