Thursday, October 05, 2006

Another Day Off

Today I had another day off for 2 reasons. They were good and bad:

The Good:

* My tutor didn't feel well so he couldn't come ( I know that sounds evil to put this in a "good" category, but it isn't a really bad thing is it? ).

The Bad:

* Last night TS was going on. So that put under alot of stress.

Now you know why I had to have a day off. And you know why that I could've had a day off if Satin did come and visit me last night. Should I write the aftermath of last night? Yeah, ok I'll do it:

The Dreaded Aftermath:

* My whole body hurts and I'm really tired. I'm also very cranky too, also I can go off very easily.

* My legs are fucking killing ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God have mercy!

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